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At Jikishin Ju-Jitsu, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible instruction for our students, no matter what level they are at.

With classes from 3 years of age, there is something for everyone.

All instructors and volunteers have Blue Card or Working with Children Checks & First Aid Certificates.



After my kids first class, they were hooked! It’s a great atmosphere where learning is fun. Firm yet loving guidance for kids of all ages & the young at heart. It’s always a pleasure to go along & see everyone enjoying themselves.

L. Gough

My boy started last year and he usually only stays interested for about a year before he quits what he is doing but he loves it here and is still very keen to go and I am happy to take him as I think it is important to have some self defence skills and discipline in life. They are very supportive and great teachers, thank you.

Y. Holdsworth

My son has Autism and I’ve had a hard time finding him an activity/sport that he enjoys and works for him. Jikishin Ju-Jitsu has been amazing for him so far. He is having fun and listening more and I can see him continuing for a long while to come. Thank you to everyone who has been so welcoming and great with him. I can see him improving every lesson so it’s exciting to watch ! Thanks Highly recommended!!

S. Weeks

My son has been training for 2 years. He loves it. Very friendly atmosphere, great trainers, good discipline and well structured lessons.

J. Rissman

Supportive, educational and knowledgeable.

K. Bourne

My son loves the activities and new skill set he is learning. There are also social skills he has been challenged to learn in a controlled environment

C. Crockett
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Jikishin Ju-Jitsu Australia has over 100 years combined experience throughout our Instructor panel.

Shihan Stephen Cosgrave
Shihan Stephen CosgraveHead of Jikishin Ju-Jitsu Australia
Shihan Stephen Cosgrave 6th Dan Ju-Jitsu has been studying martial arts for over 37 years. Throughout his career, he has trained under many Senior Ju-jitsu instructors including Terry Parker, Brian Herbert, Sam Tonkin Snr, Dieter Losken, Robert Clarke, John Steadman, Martin Dickson, Kenny Blundell, James Pape, Cosimo Costa, and various members of the WJJF and BJJA, competed on a senior level for England, and visited many different Dojo’s around the world competing, teaching and attending seminars.
Sensei Brad Matthews
Sensei Brad Matthews3rd Dan - Senior Instructor
Sensei Matthews started his Martial Arts training around 1981 (Grade 9) at Chong Chul Rhee Taekwondo. He then went to Zen Do Kai Karate after about 6 months. This school was then absorbed into the KyuKushin Karate organisation and he graded as a Brown Belt in Kyokushin under Trevor Field.
A huge hit with the kids, you will more than likely hear the words “dead fish” come out of his mouth, just to see if they are listening and paying attention.
Brad has a passion for Ju-Jitsu and its teachings to the youth of today.
Sensei Brenda Adams
Sensei Brenda Adams3rd Dan - Senior Instructor
Sensei Lyle Marsden
Sensei Lyle Marsden1st Dan - Senior Instructor Bellarine
Sensei Lyle Marsden has been training in Ju-Jitsu since Jikishins inception in 2012.

Lyle can be found at our Bellarine Dojo



What are Sempai? Sempai are the assistant to the instructor. They help the head instructor of the class out on the mat with junior students.  Jikishin Ju-Jitsu is proud to have a strong volunteer Sempai program made up of parents, teens and senior students.

The benefit is that it allows more one on one instruction and supervision on the mat, plus the parents who participate are able to practice and train with their children in class and at home, which is an added bonus.

All Sempai must undertake our Sempai training course, have a current Working with Children check where required (under 18’s there is no requirement) and where possible a valid First Aid Certificate.

Jikishin Ju-Jitsu also has a child protection policy and code of conduct that all instructors, sempai, parents and student must adhere to.

Robert KamrowskiLevel 1 Sempai & Jikishin Orange Belt
Working With Children Check
First Aid
Malcolm HooperLevel 1 Sempai & Jikishin Orange Belt
Working With Children Check
First Aid
Michael O'HaraLevel 1 Sempai & Jikishin Orange Belt
Working With Children Check
First Aid
Tony JifkinsLevel 1 Sempai & Jikishin Blue Belt
Working With Children Check
First Aid
Issac BairdLevel 1 Sempai & Jikishin Brown
First Aid


Membership & first term fees for $197 - a saving of $80!

Your child will learn invaluable tools to cope with school, home and life in general including team work, fitness, flexibility, & problem solving skills.

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