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What are Get Started Vouchers?

Get Started Vouchers is one of the funding programs that comprise the Queensland Government’s Get in the Game initiative to support sport and active recreation at the grassroots level. Get Started Vouchers assists children and young people who can least afford or may otherwise benefit from joining a sport or active recreation club. Eligible children and young people can apply for a voucher1 valued up to $150, which can be redeemed at a sport or recreation club that is registered for Get Started Vouchers.

Who is eligible?

Individuals eligible to apply for a voucher are: • children and young people who are aged from five to 17 (inclusive) at the time of application who hold or whose parent, carer or guardian hold a valid Centrelink Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card with the child’s name on it, and who are residents of Queensland • other children or young people identified by two referral agents2 . What funding is available? A maximum of $150 per voucher is available to help pay the cost of sport or recreation membership and/or participation fees3 . There is a limit of one voucher per child/young person per year.

How do I apply for a voucher?

To obtain a voucher:
• visit
• view the list of registered clubs to find a new club or confirm that the club your child is interested in joining is registered
• contact the club to ask about equipment required for the activity and any additional fees that may not be covered by the voucher
• click on the ‘apply for a voucher’ link on the department’s website and enter your details and the eligible child/young person’s details, including a Centrelink Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card number OR referral agents’ details. If you are eligible, a voucher with a unique reference number will be generated.
• Print the voucher and take it to the registered sport or recreation club the child/young person intends to join (prior to the expiry date) to receive up to $150 off the club’s membership/ participation fees.

Further information can be found at this link