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Martial Arts on the Redcliffe Peninsula

Since opening its doors in February 2015 in North Lakes, Jikishin Ju-Jitsu Australia has enjoyed an incredible period of growth, and is now a leader in Martial Arts on the Redcliffe Peninsula. You can now find us at 188 Anzac Avenue, Kippa Ring.

Classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5.30pm and Saturday mornings from 10am. The time table is below.
Our classes are suitable for Children from 3 years of age to adults.

Please contact Shihan Stephen Cosgrave on 0438 019 991, or email redcliffe@jikishinjujitsuaustralia.com.au for more information.

If you have a Queensland Government Get Started Voucher, then we are happy to accept it to get your child moving in an activity.



Martial Arts on the Redcliffe PeninsulaWhy Little Samurai’s? It’s quite simple really – the emphasis is on fun, discipline and practical skills that will extend to everyday life, whilst providing them an introduction to Martial Arts.

From Learning their left and rights to falling properly without injury (we all know there will be bikes and skateboards to fall off in the future!), sessions are full of games and excitement to keep your little ones engaged.

Martial Arts on the Redcliffe Peninsula


From the age of 6, your child can move into our Junior class. Juniors follow the same syllabus as the Senior students, however there are a few omissions. They are taught age appropriate skills and techniques that will be of use to them as they grow and mature. Learning Ju-Jitsu for children is an amazing way for them to grow in confidence, increase fitness and promotes discipline into their everyday life.

We have seen dramatic changes in shy and unsure children from when they walk through our doors to come out very confident individuals. Your children will be graded as per the syllabus, when we believe them to be ready.

Martial Arts on the Redcliffe Peninsula


90 mins
Our seniors classes are ideal for men or women wanting to learn practical self defence techniques. Just ask our female students, they will tell you how empowering they find it! Our syllabus is based on practical situations, and our classes are a whole lot of fun. Our classes are a great way to increase fitness, flexibility and stamina.

Martial Arts on the Redcliffe Peninsula

Time Table

Our classes are run our of our dojo at 7/326 Oxley Avenue, Margate. We are on the Bank Street side of the complex.

Class Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Little Samurai 5.30pm -6pm 5.30pm -6pm  5.30pm -6pm
Juniors 6pm – 7pm 6pm – 7pm 6pm – 7pm
Seniors 7pm – 8.30pm 7pm – 8.30pm 7pm – 8.30pm